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Made in italy

Made in Italy shoes for a unique style
Italy, Art homeland, a country of history.
Otisopse, with its men and women's shoes completely Made in Italy, it helps to enrich this heritage of beauty and craftsmanship.
Men and women models, to combine the nearly century-old brand experience and in-depth study of trends in style.
The Otisopse shoes and accessories are made entirely in Italy: each item Otisopse is made within the Italian factories.
A choice of quality and reliability, which is the true point of strength of the company, and the main feature of his creations.

Do you want to become an exclusive retailer of Otisopse brand?

The Otisopse's company, to respond to any requests from third parties interested in a partnership for selling its shoes, all strictly "made in Italy," has developed a contract format to regulate the cooperation with other companies to order and better distribute the resale of its products on the market.

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